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Pacific Heights | San Francisco

Pacific Heights | San Francisco
Project Description

The owner of this cozy, historic San Francisco Pacific Heights home desired a complete renovation, both inside and out, for a more contemporary look. A particular focus was the interior courtyard overlooking a small yard, which would be converted into an outdoor living area for dining and entertaining.

The Land Collaborative designed and constructed an outdoor dining and living room space within the courtyard, with steel and wood trellises that match details from the inside of the home. We added fire features, an outdoor service kitchen, built-in seat benches, stone paving and parquet decking. Weathered steel planters encase small plantings that complement the limited space. Subtle up lighting hidden in plantings creates a warm evening glow.

The Land Collaborative provides ongoing fine gardening, including caring for indoor and outdoor plants, party preparations and seasonal holiday accoutrements.

Landscape Architects: The Land Collaborative
Project Year: 2012
Location: San Francisco, CA
Services: Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, Landscape Construction, Fine Gardening
Architects: OXB Studio Architects
Builders: Abacus Group Builders