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Santa Rosa Modern Farmhouse

Santa Rosa Modern Farmhouse
Project Description

This historic farmhouse was the original home of J.R. Plum, an early Sonoma County pioneer. The property adjoins a bountiful vineyard. The current owners wanted to keep true to the vision of natural, native landscaping, but increase their outdoor living space as well as add an edible vegetable and fruit garden.

The Land Collaborative designed and constructed an outdoor living space that compliments the rustic, yet modern look of the property, complete with an inviting pool, decks, firepit and water feature. Ample raised vegetable beds provide abundant space for organic plantings. Citrus, pear, and avocado trees as well as blueberries provide year-round sustenance and shade. Deer and snake fending helps ensure that the edible garden is adequately protected.

Landscape Architects: The Land Collaborative
Project Year: 2014
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Services: Landscape Architecture, Landscape Design, Landscape Construction

Project Details