Plants grow and change shape over time. Your landscape may not retain its original design unless it is professionally trimmed and tended. The Land Collaborative provides both residential and commercial fine gardening services that include everything from plant pruning to fertilizing and weed removal. When your garden needs to be freshened up in spring, we can incorporate new bulbs. We specialize in drought tolerant gardening as well as grey water systems.

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Water Wise Gardens

A drought tolerant garden can be both a thing of beauty as well as kind to the environment. Drought tolerant landscaping that thrives in the San Francisco Bay Area encompasses hundreds of flowers, grasses, and shrubs. Our landscape design team can choose water wise plants that deliver a bounty of color, depth, and texture to your yard, patio, or pool area. By adding paving elements, water features, and landscape lighting, we can create an environment where you’ll look forward to spending long afternoons and relaxing evenings.

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Grey Water Systems

Every time you take a shower, rather than letting the water simply escape, you could be using it to water your garden. The Land Collaborative specializes in designing and implementing residential grey water systems that help you conserve clean, drinkable water. Our grey water systems divert your shower water into a holding tank where it can be stored up to 24 hours and then used to irrigate your outdoor plants and landscaping. Grey water systems simply require biodegradable soap and are safe and healthy for even very young plantings.

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